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A leading platform for continuing medical education About the Platform: Afaq is a platform that manages continuing medical education services by bringing together all training courses, professional programs, health sector events and conferences offered by all parties, making it the first choice for health practitioners of various specialties to register quickly and easily in physical, virtual or hybrid events.


To enhance the professional and knowledge development of healthcare practitioners by providing an educational environment that encourages continuous learning and empowers them to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver excellent healthcare.


We strive to be the leading health education platform in the Middle East, in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, in meeting global standards in the field of continuous health education.

Our Goals:

- Facilitating the registration of health practitioners in all health activities provided by various entities.

- Gathering all health events and training courses in one platform.

- Providing all supportive services for the educational process of health practitioners.

- Raising the scientific and professional level of health cadres to improve health care services.

Our Commitments: Towards our Partners: AFAQ guarantees you a successful experience in holding conferences or training courses for your audience, whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, by providing technical and marketing support, in addition to confirmed electronic registration services and multiple secure payment methods. Towards the health practitioner: We offer you an integrated educational experience that includes various specialized training courses and accredited professional programs, with the ability to register in physical events, reserve your seat in scientific conferences, and pay via the platform.