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AFAQ platform for health education believes that the quality of any work, especially work in the field of e-learning, must be done in an ideal and safe manner if a supervisory body is chosen from the elite of experts and specialists to ensure that the educational process is on the right track and following the established standards, Therefore, "AFAQ Platform", in accordance with the requirements of the regulations and standards of the National E-learning Center, has allocated a supervisory chain to carry out this critical task according to the following:


The Program Manager:

He generally supervises the progress of the educational process and has a comprehensive professional vision for the progress of the program in all its dimensions.


E-Learning Management Specialist:

Oversees training, guidance, and counselling for all parties to the educational process, communicating with them, providing appropriate support, and conducting performance evaluations.


Online Training Coordinator:

It has the task of supervising the progress of the programme, monitoring any deviation from its set objectives, and notifying the higher authority for intervention to ensure adherence to educational objectives.


Educational Design Specialist:

Performs his role in supervising the quality of the courses and ensuring their conformity with the educational standards specified in the organization's policy, and taking appropriate measures to modify the course curricula in line with the applicable standards internally and externally.